Textile And Tailoring

A different shop with full of surprises…


A different store that offers, women ultimated choice of dazzling array of styles and colors to suit individual  taste of every personality.


Be it salwar suits, jalabia, lehenga, cholis, fusion of Indo-western outfits…etc, unique sets of ready to stich material with elegent prints colors and embroidery vary from inheritance to heavy.



4 her showcases, ample evidence of talent in designing high taste and verity of ready to stitch materials in cotton, silk, jute and synthetic fabrics.

Whatever be your life style and budget, we can assist you with a wardrobe upgraded to keep up with the changing trend of the fashion world.




Above all, we have a in-house tailor shop that offers custome design for women.


Our tailoring consultants will also help you with your personal choices and styles featuring updated traditional and contemporary designs.




We provide the top quality workmen ship, very strict attention to the detail and friendly, knowledgeable staff.


Call us to know why 4her will be the perfect choice for your wardrobe !


Shop no.6,

Badriyah Ahmed Bill Gaizi Building,

Near Mini Bhavan Restaurant,

Firiji Murar, Deira,

Dubai- U.A.E

P.B.No. 124956

Ph: 01-2727648